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Microtunnelling is a widely used trenchless technique to install pipelines underneath the ground. It brings new opportunities for expansion of underground infrastructure in urban areas where conventional methods are uneconomic or impossible. This technology is very accurate and can be used in all ground conditions.

    Microtunnelling method has clear advantages:
  • minimum surface work
  • increased safety
  • accuracy
  • short construction time
  • minimal interference in infrastructure and the environment
  • can be executed in all ground conditions

Microtunnelling is an advanced process of drilling tunnels with the use of a microtunnelling boring machine. Microtunnelling requires launch and reception shafts at the beginning and at the end of each section. The machine is pushed into the ground by jacking frame mounted in the launch shaft. Boring machine has a rotating cutting head to excavate the ground material and a crushing cone to crush larger parts into smaller ones for transport through slurry line and then to separation plant.

For the precise execution of tunnel we need a device consisting of a laser placed in the launch shaft and electronic shield mounted on the cutting head, then the signal is transmitted to the control container. Microtunnelling process is completed when the machine reaches the reception shaft.

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